3 steps to recover your breast after breastfeeding

With pregnancy, it is normal for women to suffer many hormonal changes that are reflected in our body. Furthermore, after breastfeeding or postpartum, breast tissues can be altered.

Hello, I am Beauty Coach from Natvral Lavde and today I am going to talk to you about this famous topic.

Empty, sagging breasts, stretch marks, lack of firmness, sagging... are some of the consequences that women suffer after pregnancy. For this same reason, we usually look for the solution that ensures that the results are effective.
A natural alternative without surgery to fill and lift the breast in a safe and harmless way will always be much more beneficial for our body. Do you still not believe it?

3 steps to recover your breast after breastfeeding

How to recover your breast after breastfeeding in 3 steps

With pregnancy , it is normal for women to suffer many * hormonal changes that are reflected in our body. And after breastfeeding or postpartum, breast tissues can be altered :

  • Empty chest on top.
  • Sagging chest.
  • Stretch marks due to volume changes.
  • Lack of firmness.
  • And once we have given birth and gone through the postpartum and breastfeeding period, our body recovers in a percentage but not completely, since the skin is not the same, we notice it more flaccid in general due to the loss of fluids and volume. after childbirth.

    During the breastfeeding period, the breast increases and decreases in volume several times a day and in the postpartum period, once we have stopped breastfeeding, the breast remains empty and its elevation is reduced and sometimes with the consequent appearance of stretch marks.

    But we are not going to settle for the phrase “it's normal, you just gave birth a few months ago.”

    There are natural cares that help us recover this delicate and feminine part.

    And to do this, I am going to give you 3 steps to recover the beauty of the breast that you had, even improved, in an easy and 100% safe way.

    1.- THE ESSENTIAL FOODS THAT YOU CANNOT MISS OUT to recover the quality of your skin and muscle tone:

    • Legumes: alfalfa, beans, chickpeas, lentils.
    • Vegetables: pumpkin, broccoli, fennel, cabbage, onion.
    • Fruits: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries.
    • Nuts and seeds: dates, dried apricots, raisins, almonds, chia.

    2.- AN APPROPRIATE NATURAL COSMETICS, which is capable of repairing the tissues of the fine skin of the breast:

    • How thick it is to the delicate skin that covers the breast.
    • With high regenerative power, capable of improving the depth of stretch marks.
    • A cosmetic that is firming as well as redensifying so that it simultaneously lifts it.
    • And in the case of wanting to recover the volume lost in the upper part of the breast or in the breast itself, let it be volumizing, reaching your usual size.

    3.- METHOD OF APPLICATION, because diet and cosmetics are as important to take care of the skin as the method of massaging the breast:

    A massage is not useful as when we hydrate our skin, it must follow a structure of the physiognomy of the chest to recover its elevation and its natural rounded shape. To do this, it is important if you also have personalized advice where your case is the protagonist.

    A good diet, the use of appropriate cosmetics and an application method with personalized advice is sure success in recovering the beauty of your neckline.

    If you follow these tips you are sure of success, now it depends on you.

    Food is in your hand and now I simplify it for you, steps 2 and 3 are offered to you by Natvral Lavde .

    In our E-Beauty space we work down to the smallest detail to offer maximum results. You will be able to find step by step the treatment you have chosen with the specific movements to activate the skin and muscles and above all, you will ensure that it lasts over time so that its effectiveness is 100%.

    A toxic-free cosmetic, with proven efficacy and which also won the award for best safe and effective body cosmetics in 2020.

    Natvral Lavde 's Breast Beauty treatment is a true alternative to recover our breasts effectively and safely, filling in the lost volume, in addition to recovering firmness and lift.

    It is certified and is of high quality in terms of nutrition and hydration, which is so necessary for the delicate skin of the chest and to prevent or, if necessary, treat the stretch marks that we do not like so much.

    During pregnancy or while breastfeeding, stretch marks are usually red or purple, but over time they tend to turn towards a whitish tone, which is the color that will definitely remain if they are not treated , which is why at Natvral Lavde we recommend using Push Up Sen + Firming Sen because they repair and strengthen the skin. In addition to achieving volume and the chest regaining firmness and elevation.

    With the guarantee that more than 1,200 women have already tried and verified the effectiveness of this amazing treatment. A very high percentage of women around the world have at some stage had stretch marks on our skin .

    Natvral Lavde offers us its specific cosmetics to care for our very delicate breast and neckline skin, personalizing with its advice the solution for each woman according to her needs: volume, stretch marks, lack of lift, firmness... and above all with very careful formulations and methods. at the time of its application.

    Here is the testimony of two clients who have used the treatment (you can see many more in the treatment sheets:

    I will continue using it

    I was suspicious and now I am a fan of this product. I used the previous formula and also this last formula and both gave me results, although this last one, wow! It was very fast.

    Julia Casas

    I'm delighted

    It is my second container and the truth is that by being constant and following the advice, the area is more hydrated and firmer, it is now an essential in my routine.

    Maria Martinez Lopez

    As I always want the best for you, do not doubt that with the aesthetic professionals at Natvral Lavde you will be in the best hands. Get the best version of your chest, what are you waiting for?

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