Masks are a cosmetic product that are used to easily complement the daily beauty ritual, both facial and body.

For its benefits to be truly effective, you have to find the one that best suits each need. But among all the possible masks, we love those that are osmotic, they do not need to be removed, they are versatile because it does not matter what you need to treat: you will always find the right formula; super effective because you see the results as soon as ten or fifteen minutes pass; and super practical because you can take them everywhere.

More arguments?

A very powerful one: there is a form of application depending on your objective to achieve.

What are masks for?

To hydrate, nourish or illuminate the skin. These effects act on both sensitive skin, dry and dehydrated skin, or combination-oily skin.
Masks serve to intensify a specific action, be it cleansing or nutrition, luminosity or energy, and the most important thing is that they provide an immediate effect. .

When to use them?

It is a treatment that does not necessarily have to be done every day, but rather on demand of the skin, depending on the weather, the activities we do that day, etc.

It is advisable to apply a mask at least once a week to cover the skin's needs. They can be used at any time but remember that if you use it during the day it is always preferable to use sunscreen after use. We recommend using them at night since it is proven that the skin regenerates three times more during the night than during the day.

You need a WOW effect on your skin and erase your signs of fatigue

Spread a light layer of LIFTING MASK on the face and, on top of it, apply MIST THAI Floral MIST, made with lotus flower and mallow petals.

Leave it on for ten or fifteen minutes, remove it with bottled water and continue with your beauty ritual. It is a full-fledged form of SOS application that restores shine to the eyes and energy to the dullest skin, but at the same time hydrates the skin immediately, giving it an elastic and luminous appearance, attenuating expression lines.

A plan B, for the body.

Your covered skin is the first to betray us, so a mask for this area always comes in handy when we have to reveal ourselves. This mask fits the body like a second skin, letting it act as if it were a cream. Its renewing effect will make you surprised at the change.