Body Hydration


But do you know what it is? Here we are going to give you the keys to identify it and help you hydrate and maintain healthy skin.

What is dehydrated skin?

Dehydrated skin is skin that lacks water and hydration, it's that simple. Dehydrated skin is not considered a skin type like dry skin or oily skin, it simply does not have the amount of water it needs.

Even oily skin can become dehydrated due to both internal causes (lack of water in the body) and external causes (climate, pollution, etc.).
Skin dehydration is manifested by a loss of shine and luminosity in the skin and a feeling of tightness. Sometimes flakes or itching may even appear.

How to recognize dehydrated skin?

We can visibly recognize that skin is dehydrated by these signs:
Dehydrated skin tends to lose elasticity and firmness, so you may notice tight skin, even small wrinkles, lack of shine, stretch marks, dull, peeling skin, and even itching may appear.

How to increase skin hydration
In addition to including more water and healthy seasonal foods in your diet, we recommend using a gentle cleanser that rinses off with water for daily hygiene in the morning and evening.

You can use natural cosmetics that contain aloe vera, soothing botanical extracts and, above all, with a pH appropriate to your skin. The ideal is a pH-balanced cleanser to regulate it.

After facial cleansing or showering, hydrate the skin with natural ingredients, especially vegetable glycerin and vegetable oils, such as sesame, sweet almonds, coconut, camellia... and nourishing active ingredients such as shea butter, hyaluronic acid, algae, vitamins, .. and to finish and maintain the optimal hydration balance, facial mists are very useful since with a flis,flis you can moisturize the skin and return to its healthy tone, being able to use them at any time of the day.

Follow these steps and you will see how in a few days you will notice your skin much more hydrated and juicy. Remember: Consistency in daily care is the key to keeping skin hydrated and healthy.

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