Orange peel skin is one of the most common problems among women, affecting approximately 90%. Anti-cellulite creams take over our comments with friends, television, our minds and our bodies. This bikini operation is part of the entire year, focusing on having beautiful, smooth and healthy-looking skin.

On the one hand, there is a genetic factor and on the other hand, a sedentary lifestyle since sport activates blood circulation and the metabolism of fat cells, which prevents the appearance of cellulite.

A poor diet will also favor the appearance of cellulite, as will eating foods with a lot of calories since it increases adipose tissue. Other causes are alcohol and tobacco. Alcohol prevents the purification of the body and tobacco, for its part, hinders blood circulation. Another circumstance is clothing that is too tight, as well as the abuse of high heels.

Hormones also play an important role in the appearance of cellulite, which is related to high levels of estrogen. During puberty, pregnancy, menopause or taking birth control pills, hormones alter and suffer disorders that either trigger the cellulite problem or aggravate it.

Do anti-cellulite creams work?

Of course. Creams to treat cellulite work in the following way: they activate fatty acids and eliminate them. To do this, their formulations have two types of ingredients: some are stimulants that accelerate the metabolism of fat cells and cause their dissolution, such as citrus fruits, cinnamon, ginger, cayenne, and on the other hand, inhibitors that prevent the accumulation of fat in the cells and their increase, thus preventing the appearance of new cellulite and treating the one we have, with active ingredients such as fucus, guarana , pink pepper,... highly effective in the short term.

Applying cream every day and then continuing with bad habits will not make cellulite disappear. In the fight against orange peel we must attack various fronts and creams are a very effective help if we work as a team, that is, if we apply them consistently, complementing it with sport and a healthy diet.

Perfect combination to achieve a 10 result.
Cellulite can be temporary if you take care of it in time, don't leave it for tomorrow if you can improve it today.

To her!

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