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Everything we do we learn from you

Before it happened to us like it did to you.

We wanted healthy, sustainable cosmetics that delivered on their promises. Our clients at the beauty center, the same.

We have been listening to them for 20 years and writing down their opinions and wishes. So recently we said to ourselves,

"What if we make it happen?"

Now we respond to your (and their, and our) needs with certified, proven, pleasant and sustainable cosmetics.

We search all over the world for those solutions for the skin and consciousness that feel wonderful and calm.

Because the philosophy of our cosmetics is to be:


They take care of your skin so that it improves its condition and endures everything. They act at the cellular level, because we want profound changes.


They highlight your natural beauty, restore luminous and smooth skin and make you smile. Apply and exit.


Easy and quick to apply, without complications and with delicious results. That putting them on and getting dressed can be pim pam pum.


Original and different, they are born from meticulous research, because you are not satisfied with the first thing you find. Not even with the second.

all day cosmetics24 hour shippinghealthy cosmetics


That's enough? We want more!

Because we think that we must achieve this by creating something positive for everyone.

So we decided that our cosmetics should be:

For all women (and some are unisex)

For sensitive and delicate skin and for people who have allergies, intolerances such as celiac disease and even for those undergoing cancer treatment. Let no one be left without looking pretty and healthy.

With natural and 95% organic active ingredients

Probiotics, extracts, oils... We search the world for ethical and sustainable active ingredients, to beautify you without staining, take care of you without despising and create without harming.

100% vegan and animal friendly

It is not fair that any animal suffers, much less so that we are beautiful and healthy. We only use purified water, probiotics and plant ingredients.

Clean of that chemistry

Do not put on foreign substances, potentially toxic and dangerous for your skin, that of your family and the environment. Beauty and health.

Do you want to pamper your skin?

Check what we have for you

You will not find parabens, sulfates, silicones, paraffins, mineral oils, artificial colors and aromas, traces of pesticides and synthetic herbicides or bad vibes

We say it with pride because achieving it is an R&D&i challenge and earning the certifications that prove it is a challenge:

Ok, you already know our principles: personal health and beauty, emotional attention and affection, environmental and social respect.

But who are we? This is our story.

You have left me new, how good I look… I am different

The first time I was told that, I discovered the true satisfaction of this profession. It is about achieving your smile and inner growth through healthy aesthetics.

Maria Manchado from Natvral Lavde

Hello! I am María Manchado and I live for beauty.

It wasn't always like this. As a child I didn't understand that my mother was happy giving massages. Touch other people! It made me sick to think about it.

But the day I turned 18 I said to myself, without meaning to, "I need to get to know my mother better." Something inside me knew I had to understand his passion.

That day changed my life.

I learned, studied, traveled and researched many techniques and disciplines. And I discovered that I shared with my mother the bond of passion for beauty and well-being in all its forms. A passion that does not go out and that grows stronger and brighter every day.

In 2001 I set up my first salon and in 2005 I finally opened, with my mother, the wellness and aesthetic space in Elche where I help women find their beauty and get more out of themselves. In addition, I train other professionals and advise my clients. Aromatherapy, phytocosmetics, shiatsu, reflexotherapy, cosmetology... In all this time I have learned a lot.

Maria Manchado from Natvral Lavde techniques and protocols

Above all, to value balance, being "here and now" , feeling complete inside. And how that influences your beauty.

Being in the world of aesthetics and working for and with various cosmetic companies, in their laboratories, I found some uncomfortable secrets about how they are developed and how they are sold.

So I said to myself, why not create healthy, effective, truly sustainable cosmetics that solve real women's problems? And, well, now you're reading this. 🙂

*It's my passion, but hey, I change it for what I really like the most: weekend snacks with my little ones and my partner, Karmelo. They choose the movie, you know.

Natvral Lavde, “here and now”

Natvral Lavde Laboratory

The road has been long and full of experiences and learning, but we are here. We are a small, but very dynamic company dedicated entirely to beauty and well-being, in every way!

We make functional and very pleasant cosmetics that provide real and proven solutions.

We create them from humility: that of being aware that we do not know everything, that we must listen to others and that of knowing that without effort there is no reward.

The real lessons are given to us by our clients.

They are the ones who have spent years giving their opinion and highlighting the good and bad of a product. Of ours, too. With that we design, research and create cosmetics. We review the successes and failures. It is a work of years of development, but we are in no hurry. Because we prefer to have a commitment.

To achieve this, at Natvral Lavde we have our own R&D&i laboratory , where we bring ideas, REAL needs, and create cosmetics. At " " we put them to the test with clients who are very happy to volunteer every now and then. They have a great time in the sessions.

What matters is that we go from ideas to cosmetics.

Not the other way around. First you. Then, the solution.

The now 15 people who make up the Natvral Lavde team, including beauticians, masseuses, laboratory personnel, salespeople and marketing, strive to learn and do our best.

With this desire, we provide training for professionals in beauty centers in the communities of Valencia and Murcia, where the public learns and discovers in a few minutes what is achieved with Natvral Lavde cosmetics.

And now, you can discover it too, wherever you are.