Maderoterapia Anti-Cellulite Mushroom - Fights cellulite, localized fat and orange peel skin


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Without a doubt, the best supplement to treat cellulite and fat in the areas that make it most difficult for you.

Its ergonomic shape with 7 heads allows you, with minimal effort and comfortably, to do a much more active massage than with your hands.

Perfect for those areas where cellulite and fat is more persistent such as: buttocks, hips, legs, abdomen, arms...

A very simple and effective way to promote the beauty and health of the skin :

Facilitates the elimination of fats and toxins

Promotes the dissolution of cellulite nodules in all their degrees, from the most entrenched to the most superficial.

Smoothes the skin , reduces orange peel and dimples

Activates collagen and provides rejuvenation to the skin

Promotes greater assimilation of cosmetics, enhancing their results.

Ideal for those who want to enjoy the self-massage technique and go further with their beauty goals.

Of organic composition and 100% biodegradable. Made from wood from the Uruapan tree, a top quality sustainable material that guarantees much greater durability.


You are a demanding woman, you want the best results and in the fastest way. You don't mind spending a few more minutes on yourself, if it is to achieve your goals.

With our Anti-Cellulite Mushroom, every second of massage is one more step towards achieving the smooth and uniform skin you want. It is the ideal complement to do it efficiently as well as comfortably.

Fat and cellulite nodules get rid of more quickly 

Dimples and orange peel look smoother

With each massage collagen is stimulated, helping to tone and rejuvenate the skin

Cosmetics are assimilated much more easily by improving microcirculation, so their results are much faster.

With the Anti-Cellulite Mushroom combined with your Intensive Anti-Cellulite Treatment , there is no cellulite that can resist.

In less time, your skin will be smooth, soft and without a trace of cellulite.


This massager made with 100% natural and biodegradable materials takes great care of your skin.

Made with Uruapan wood with a long useful life for many activating massages that will make you feel like new.


For all skin types, except sensitive skin, neckline and chest areas.


Its comfortable shape with ergonomic handle, which molds to your hand, allows you a higher intensity massage with less effort. Its 7 fixed heads simulate a manual massage from expert hands, which at the same time works on cellulite, leaving you with a feeling of lightness and well-being.


It is very simple.

Apply your anti-cellulite or fat burner cosmetic and spread it on those areas you want to treat, massaging in a circular motion with the Anti-Cellulite Mushroom until the product has been completely absorbed.

Its comfortable shape with a rounded handle will allow you to give yourself a massage easily.

Avoid massaging after a hot bath or sauna when the skin is still hot. Also in case of fever or discomfort, open wounds, sores or burns.

*To clean the massager you can rub it with a towel moistened with water and neutral soap after approximately every 13-15 uses.


👉 Can I use it massaging along with my cosmetic or cream?

Yes, this massager is always used in conjunction with your anti-cellulite or fat burner , to promote the dissolution of cellulite nodules more quickly and so that the skin is more receptive to absorbing the benefits of the cosmetic.

👉 Is this the best complement to work on cellulite?

Yes, since it is specific to deepen all degrees of cellulite and to be used in conjunction with your anti-cellulite treatment, your fat burning cream or oil.

👉 I have cellulite but I also have varicose veins. Can I massage myself with this massager or is it not recommended?

It will always depend on the intensity with which you give yourself the massage. If you have varicose veins, it is advisable to massage with less intensity in this localized area. In the rest you can give your massage as usual without any problem, on the contrary, by activating circulation you will also improve the inflammation and discomfort of these varicose veins.

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Trini Moratinos

La verdad que estoy muy contenta con los resultados utilizándolo junto a la crema de la celulitis

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