Confessions of a disbelieving buyer

How is everything!!

In this post Today I'm going to show you an email I received from Barbara, with her permission of course... a client who has started using our fluid retention treatment.

Fluid retention is something that affects many of us, it can happen due to multiple factors, but there is a certain tendency in some people to accumulate more.

This not only causes you to swell and increase overall volume, but also causes your ankles and feet to widen, you rub your hand on your thigh and it hurts, and you feel heavier than normal.

--I leave you part of the comment of Barbara (greetings 😘 )

“It is normal for me to retain more fluids before and during my period.

My case is quite desperate. After my period, I am left with a lot of extra fluid in my body.

This is common and happens to many people, but I can't get used to feeling so bloated and heavy.

So I looked for other alternatives that would help me achieve my goal. Of course, I do my best in diet and physical exercise so that these extra liters leave my body as quickly as possible.

But I needed an extra push and by chance I found your treatment and bought it, with some doubts that Yolanda the WhatsApp girl very kindly resolved for me.

I can't say anything negative, I love the smells, the textures, the step-by-step guide to apply the product is something fundamental, in general I love it.

But what I do want to say is my experience with your treatment.

After the first application in the morning I eliminated liquids non-stop through urine that same day and, at night, when I went to enter the shower and looked in the mirror I noticed how the silhouette of my legs had become slimmer. .

But the incredible thing was getting on the scale and weighing a kilo less than the day before.

More applications are needed to achieve optimal results, but with just one I was pleasantly surprised. Being able to affirm that it is the first time that I notice a treatment for fluid retention that works for me and I notice it the next day.

Thank you."

Many times we are skeptical that treatments work, and fluid retention is (in some cosmetic companies) a pending issue.


Greetings 😘

Maria by Natvral Lavde

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