What is the ACENE natural cosmetics certificate?

We present to you the official Acene pressed certificate (Association of Ecological and Natural Cosmetics of Spain.) which currently certifies our articles. Acene is a Spanish business company founded on February 1, 2014 without profit, which guarantees the consumer that the cosmetic products that carry this seal have passed the tests carried out by an independent auditing entity.

What is the A.C.E.N.E. natural cosmetics certificate?

It is a guarantee seal that provides added value to the products of a cosmetics firm, both for quality assurance and for health safety for the final consumer.

Seeing the need and the legal loophole that characterized natural cosmetics, ACENE made the decision to protect consumers with its certifications and seals from all types of deceptive strategies and marketing by cosmetic firms that claimed that their products were natural or bio and it was not like that. Therefore, in collaboration with approved and accredited technicians, they created a certification guide based on European regulations.

ACENE is a company for the control and certification of natural, ecological and vegan products. It arises from the Cosmos Organic Standard, which was created in 2002 at Biofach (international organic farming fair that takes place in Nuremberg) together with the five main companies dedicated to organic and natural cosmetics standards. At the fair they agreed to cooperate in the development of a single standard, in this way, all companies certifying organic and organic natural cosmetics could ensure that they work with equal quality and with effective manufacturing that meets a standard of sustainability with the planet. Finally, after years of consultations and cooperation, in 2010 it managed to become dynamic with a single purpose, to offer quality and guarantee to the consumer.

Their standards and professional ethics are clear: their certified firms do not test on animals and are not subject to any criteria from any other entity that does not comply with their values.

Thus, only certification can ensure through its internal procedures, protocols and criteria that a specific product from a cosmetic brand meets all the obligations of European standards.

First of all, the ACENE team is responsible for verifying all documentation related to the products and that the manufacturing processes are appropriate. Secondly, the cosmetics firms that endorse their seals carry out the development and research processes in the most optimal and coherent way possible. Finally, ACENE is an ethical and transparent certifier.

The objective of these criteria is to comply with private standards by obeying the official cosmetic regulations, Royal Decree 85/2018 and Regulation (EC) No1223/2009.


According to its criteria, certified cosmetics will not be able to use:

  • Dyes, preservatives and synthetic perfumes (the aroma must come from pure essential oils).
  • Ethoxylated ingredients, silicones or paraffins.
  • Mineral oils and petroleum derivatives.
  • Chemical pesticides and toxic herbicides.
  • Ingredients of animal origin.
  • Parabens, Peg's and synthetic emulsifiers.
  • Camphor and synthetic preservatives, with the exception of Sodium Benzoate, Benzoic Acid and Potassium Sorbate, always with prior assessment of their natural origin of the latter.
  • Substances subjected to radiation or genetic alterations (GMO)

A very important aspect that ACENE also evaluates is the packaging, its priority is respect for the environment along with skin health. All packaging must be recyclable, for example: glass, aluminum, PP paper/cardboard, PET, PE... legal packaging must be used according to the European regulation Ce 1223/2009 with its consistent assessment of safety, traces, migrations, etc.

These standards are what have made Natvral Lavde positively value that its cosmetics are certified under these requirements, since they comply with its brand philosophy.

But this is not all, for a product to have the Official ACENE Certificate:

  • It is considered a natural cosmetic product with the ACENE NAT seal when 99% of its total composition is natural or of organic origin. Allowing only 1% legitimate preservatives.
  • An ACENE BIO cosmetic product is considered when 95% of its components are of certified organic origin. In the final composition, at least 20% of the total must be of certified organic principle.

Natvral Lavde cosmetics have both certifications . It is intended for a demanding audience and professionals in the sector who seek excellence. This firm has an R&D team and experts in advanced natural aesthetics. Thus achieving, through working together, that all its cosmetics rich in probiotics have the highest quality standards.


Natvral Lavde is manufactured in Spain under European regulations and has ACENE certification. All its cosmetics are registered on the European Portal, guaranteeing the effectiveness of its ingredients and their safety for skin health.

Natvral Lavde seeks excellence, both in the quality of its ingredients and its formulations and results, which is why it is a certified firm committed to the environment that guarantees the success of your cosmetic care.

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