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bamboo scrub


Like a professional peeling but from home, do you feel like it?

Exfoliant Bamboo is the only unisex facial and body exfoliant capable of regenerating, activating collagen, preventing stains and dehydration from the first application, in addition to exfoliating at various levels :

  1. Physical exfoliation that removes impurities from the skin.
  2. Antiaging enzymatic exfoliation that gives way to new cells for rejuvenated skin.

Its formulation with bamboo enzymes, organic oils and probiotic active ingredients effectively eliminate dead cells, balance and soften the skin, even in the most sensitive and reactive skin, acting intensely on cell renewal.

Regenerates the skin from the inside, stimulating the renewal of its cells to maintain its youth and prevent the depth of wrinkles.

Balances excess oil and shine, leaving the skin at its optimal pH

Activates collagen I, II and III , one of the wonderful functions of bamboo, which achieves smoother, firmer and more elastic skin.
Eliminates imperfections: roughness, pimples, blackheads ...smoothing the skin's texture and eliminating toxins.

Anti-stain action. Its enzymes renew the superficial layer of the skin, preventing melanin from clumping together and forming the dreaded spots.
Reduces the appearance of signs of acne with its powerful sebum-regulating action and minimizes the size of enlarged pores.

Avoid ingrown hair after waxing or shaving.

Improves redness by activating microcirculation

Prevents dehydration by nourishing the inner layers of the skin with its Vitamins B 5 , B 6 , C, K and E.

Exfoliant Bamboo is ideal for preparing the skin before applying your routine cosmetics, ensuring that all its properties are better absorbed and getting the most out of them and results.

Instant results . Your skin will feel deeply soft, hydrated and fresh.

Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones, as it exfoliates without irritating due to its natural ingredients that are respectful of your skin .

You will love it for its main ingredients:

PRORENEW COMPLEX CLR™ Cell renewal, antiaging

BAMBOO ENZYMES Firmness, activates collagen, source of silicon

AVOCADO Repair-antioxidant, Vitamins C and E

BERGAMOT Soothing, sebum regulating


What if I told you that while you exfoliate you rejuvenate, avoid spots and give firmness to your skin ? better than better, of course!
We know that you like to take advantage of your time, and that, if you can, you always prefer to use cosmetics that provide maximum benefits to your skin. Well this is what Exfoliant Bamboo achieves.

With the fantastic properties of bamboo tabasheer in the probiotic formulation of this very special scrub, you not only get multi-level exfoliation , but you also renew and rejuvenate your skin.

Bamboo's biodegradable enzymes remove dead cells and impurities in addition to activating collagen and giving you a touch of firmness. And if we add to this our probiotic ProRenew Complex CLR tm ... you regenerate the skin, prevent spots and wrinkles from becoming pronounced .

Exfoliant Bamboo takes care of the most delicate skin so that the exfoliation is like a caress, caring for the skin of the face and body, balancing its pH, slowing the aging process and eliminating imperfections such as:

  • Rough touch and dilated pores
  • Redness and grayish skin
  • Pimples and blackheads
  • Excess shine and grease
  • Heel roughness
  • Roughness on elbows and knees
  • Small pimples on arms, thighs and buttocks
  • ingrown hair

In addition, its refreshing and regenerating formula leaves hydrated skin capable of standing up to external aggressions.

And…without using microplastics! Only ingredients that are respectful of your skin and the environment.


Exfoliant Bamboo cares for all skin types, even the most delicate and sensitive. 

Do you have dry or oily skin? No problem, Exfoliant Bamboo will help you balance the pH, improving both excess oil and lack of hydration.

Reactive skin? Don't worry because Exfoliant Bamboo, despite offering deep exfoliation, is like a caress thanks to its natural ingredients that are respectful of your skin , without microplastics that can attack it. Furthermore, it is not only an exfoliation, but also a contribution of hydration and nutrients that soothe, comfort and rejuvenate the skin.


On dry skin

For a facial exfoliation, once a week will be enough.

For a body exfoliation where there are roughness and roughness (heels, knees, elbows...) 2 times a week, for the rest, once will be enough.

In oily skin

2 to 3 times, both for facial and body exfoliation.


- Facial exfoliation (face and neck)

On clean, dry skin, use 1 hazelnut of Exfoliant Bamboo, massaging gently in a circular motion with your fingertips. Let the bamboo powder remove dead cells and nutrients penetrate the dermis.

When its hydrating base has been absorbed, remove the bamboo particles with water, dry gently and you are ready to apply your favorite treatment on that rejuvenated and activated skin to continue with your beauty routine (mist, serum, eye contour, cream …).

*If you have dry skin, first moisten your fingertips with water and then spread the product on the application area.

- Body exfoliation

In areas such as heels, elbows and knees , twice a week, we will apply 1 hazelnut of Exfoliant Bamboo to each area, performing the same type of massage in a circular direction with the fingertips.

For the rest of the body, 1 or 2 times as you consider, applying the amount you need to cover the entire area to be exfoliated. You can use it even on the most sensitive skin like the chest area.

We recommend you exfoliate before showering and thus comfortably remove its particles.

* After using Exfoliant Bamboo, close it with its lid to prevent the product from losing its properties, oxidizing and drying out.

If you are already a Natvral Lavde client, we have exercises, facial yoga and massages at your disposal in the E-Beauty space that will enhance your treatments and help you achieve your beauty goals.

And if you still have doubts...

We offer you personalized advice and help totally free through WhatsApp from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. So that all your doubts are resolved and you obtain the best results.

And don't forget it!

The importance in cosmetics is a studied formulation, with tested highly effective ingredients, a good application technique and most importantly, YOU AND YOUR CONSTANCE.


Exfoliant Bamboo is formulated with 100% cruelty-free natural and vegan ingredients, 23% of them of organic origin , subject to the strictest quality controls. Without mineral oils, silicones, PEGs, parabens, free of chemical pesticides and toxic herbicides.

Bamboo Tabasheer , which exfoliates and softens the skin from the outside, and makes it firmer from the inside.

Bamboo tabasheer is a substance rich in organic silicon for medicinal use and with great properties in cosmetics. In our exclusive formulation, we pulverize it very finely to obtain a biodegradable and very functional enzymatic exfoliant, with a medium granule that is not harsh . Great for gently removing dead cells.

In addition, bamboo enzymes have great abilities to stimulate the formation of collagen, providing firmness from the inner layers of the skin.

Avocado and almond oil , highly effective repairers thanks to their antioxidants. An extra amount of Vitamin C and E to combat the symptoms of cellular aging as well as prevent the appearance of spots due to the effect of the sun, pollution or the accumulation of impurities.

Bergamot, jasmine and daisy to correct excesses and restore balance.

The citrus touch of bergamot refreshes the skin and regulates oil, balancing the pH. Virtue is in the middle, say the wise, and this fruit from Southeast Asia is responsible for giving it to you.

Jasmine and daisy, for their part, soothe dermatitis, eczema and irritations . To exfoliate without irritating, like a caress.

These three ingredients act in depth to stimulate cellular metabolism and activate its natural healing capacity .

Rose essential oil , for radiant and more uniform skin

With great moisturizing properties and a calming aroma that reduces and relieves stress levels on the face and body. In this way we manage to release tension and nourish the skin so that wrinkles are less marked.

In addition, due to its soothing properties, on redness and alterations, this oil is also responsible for promoting uniform skin tone .

In the end, everything adds up to seeing you looking healthy, fresh and young.


The probiotics present in our cosmetics give them an effectiveness that few can boast of.

Exfoliant Bamboo has in its formulation one of Natvral Lavde's most exclusive probiotics, ProRenew Complex CLR TM , a probiotic that has more than demonstrated its great benefits for the skin:

A more effective epidermal renewal that maintains youth in the cells, helping the creation of new and stronger ones

More balance and hydration, to maintain the skin barrier in its optimal state and prevent excess oil in the skin as well as lack of hydration.

Greater firmness thanks to the stimulation of the skin's natural collagen and elastin.

With probiotics, antiaging effectiveness is guaranteed.


In a clinical study of Exfoliant Bamboo, users say:

After 2 weeks:

100% of users say they notice an improvement in their skin and that it looks smoother, renewed and rejuvenated.

After 4 weeks:

100% of users say they notice an improvement in the appearance and texture of their skin.
95% of users say their skin feels more hydrated.
95% of users say they notice a rejuvenating effect on their skin.
90% of users say their skin feels more uniform, hydrated and renewed.
85% of users say their skin feels cleaner and brighter.

Information about the clinical test carried out with Exfoliant Bamboo:

The clinical test carried out with Exfoliant Bamboo was carried out by an independent laboratory with a panel of 20 women aged between 20 and 67 years. Participants tested the facial and body scrub 3 times a week in the original packaging but without any label or reference to the Natvral Lavde® brand.

After two and four weeks, a dermatologist performed a clinical examination on the volunteers and they filled out a questionnaire on acceptability, subjective efficacy and tolerance of the product.


👉 I have rather dry skin and with scrubs my skin tends to be a little irritated and usually pulls afterward, won't the same problem happen to me with this scrub?

This problem exists with other exfoliants because they usually use drying active ingredients. With Exfoliant Bamboo you will not have this problem , since it has a gel base that nourishes and hydrates the skin. In addition, bamboo enzymes activate collagen and give elasticity to the skin, to avoid the problem of tightness after exfoliation.

👉 Can I use this scrub if I have a lot of irritated pimples? Or can it be aggressive?

Our advice is that you do not use exfoliants while you have a lot of active pimples,

since they could be extended. If the pimples are dry but the redness has remained, you can use it without problem , as it will improve the problem.

If the pimples are active, it is best to maintain a good cleansing of the skin with Botanical Foam Cleanser and use the Youth Intelligent Elixir serum to balance the Ph and control these pimples and irritation.

👉 My 20-year-old son suffers a lot from acne due to the growth of beard hair, although it also occurs on his legs when shaving with a razor. Would an exfoliation from time to time help him?

Yes, we recommend using Exfoliant Bamboo before shaving at least three times a week. It will help your hair grow better without creating cysts or pimples, in addition to leaving it with balanced hydration.

👉 I am quite fixated on keeping my skin clean daily. Does anything happen if I exfoliate daily with this scrub?

It is recommended for normal skin to do 1 to 2 exfoliations a week , and if it is oily it can be up to 3. If we cleanse excessively we run the risk of damaging the protective barrier and creating sensitivity in the skin.

If you like a thorough daily cleansing, we recommend using Botanical Foam Cleanser morning and night, which with its micelles will deeply cleanse your skin, to prevent excess oil, environmental pollution, or pimples and blackheads from appearing on your face. .

Combining it a couple of times a week with Exfoliant Bamboo will guarantee you skin free of impurities and in balance.


Like a professional peeling at home that will make your skin feel deeply renewed from the first application. When you exfoliate with this granulated gel, your skin instantly feels fresh and very soft, free of roughness and imperfections, with a touch that you want to caress.


To remove the hairs that remain inside and achieve perfect hair removal, apply Exfoliant Bamboo two days before hair removal. The hair removal will last longer and will leave your skin very soft.

By the way, Exfoliant Bamboo wonderfully combines the Mist Thai mist (anti-stress and balance) and the Mist Indie mist (luminosity and protection from blue light), which make it easy to keep the dermis even more rejuvenated and fresh.


Aqua (purified water), arundinacea bamboo stem powder (bamboo scrub), glycerin * (vegetable glycerin), xanthan gum (natural base stabilizer), Persea Gratissima oil * (avocado oil), Lactococcus ferment lysate (probiotic), Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract (Rose Essential Oil), Jasminum Officinale Flower Extract (Jasmine Extract), Bellis Perennis Flower Extract (Daisy Flower Extract), Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil (Oil Sweet), Expressed Citrus Bergamia Peel Oil (Bergamot Oil), Sodium Phytate (Plant Chelating Agent), Benzyl Alcohol (Essential Oil Derived), Dehydroacetic Acid (Preservative), Sodium Benzoate (Preservative), Sodium Sorbate potassium (naturally derived), limonene **, linalool **, citral **

(*) Ingredient from organic farming
(**) Natural component present in essential oils
The product may vary in color due to having natural active ingredients.
No synthetic fragrances, dyes, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, sulfates, propylene, glycol, phthalates, GMOs, polyethylene glycol (PEGs), diethanolamine, methylisothiazolinone, formaldehyde, lanolin, urea, mercury, lead or bee venom. Not tested on animals. Cruelty Free 100%.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Super suave

Lo he probado por primera vez hace una semana y puedo decir que me encanta su textura, no irrita nada y huele de maravilla, lo he probado tanto en el cuerpo como en el rostro y me encanta la sensación que deja en mi piel, queda super suave. Muy contenta con todos vuestros productos.

Aurora Parra

Fabuloso para rostro y cuerpo, genial como exfolia, lo uso combinado con la mascarilla después. He estado buscando un producto de este tipo, finalmente encontré este.

María Soledad Esteban
Uno de los mejores productos exfoliantes que he usado.

Me encanta este producto. Es tan diferente en la forma en que se aplica y la textura es tan única y la forma en que hace que tu piel este después. ¡Me encanta lo bueno que es para el rostro y tu cuerpo! Se la recomendaría a todos.

Esperanza Bravo
Piel suave y limpia

Suave pero eficaz incluso en mi piel sensible, ¡justo lo que necesitas en un exfoliante! Parece durar años, ya que solo necesita una cantidad muy pequeña.

Ainhoa Gallardo
Buen producto!

¡Me encanta este producto! Es suave pero efectivo.

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