Youth Intelligent Elixir 30ml - Natural Hyaluronic Acid, balance and youth


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Your skin is changing phase and you notice it. Would you like to stop your skin's biological clock? Now you can with an authentic elixir of eternal youth, where the balance and strength of the skin is felt from the first moment.

Youth Intelligent Elixir, with its fluid cream texture, is the key to maintaining health and youth in the skin . Its concentrated formula with Natural Hyaluronic Acid, Hemp Oil, Vitamin C and its double probiotics Arctalis and Seadermium , offers your skin an intelligent function.

Stops the biological clock and prevents signs of aging: dull, thin, fragile skin, expression lines, spots...

Stimulates collagen I, III and IV , treating the first signs of sagging, achieving a firm finish

Balances the skin and pH , or in other words:

  • Hydration for drier skin
  • Reduction of sebum in oilier skin

Fills expression lines thanks to natural Hyaluronic Acid APM and BPM: crow's feet, barcode, nasolabial...

Treats dermatitis, psoriasis and rosacea, calming and reducing inflammation, as well as couperose and telangiectasias , common on the nose, cheeks and chin.

Prevents marks and signs caused by skin conditions, regenerating the outer layers.

With high content of proteoglycans that strengthen the skin and prevent the formation of new wrinkles

Because healthy skin is also skin that stays younger over time.

For all skin types and perfect for the most sensitive and reactive.

You will love it for its main ingredients

Seadermium TM Premium Nourishing Filler

Arctalis TM Precursor of collagen I, III and IV

Hemp oil Anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial

Natural hyaluronic acid Filling, firmness and hydration

Peru Tara Vitamin C Antiaging


Reddened skin, very sensitive, dry or quite the opposite, full of pimples and shine...
Sometimes it seems that our skin has gone crazy and it is a real headache to restore balance.

And the thing is that over the years or due to the daily rhythm of life, the pH changes, advancing the biological clock, losing the youth of the skin.

Youth Intelligent Elixir manages to balance the skin and delay aging even in the most atopic and problematic skin.

And... did we tell you he's intelligent? It adapts to the circumstances of your skin, acting directly on the problem.

Hemp oil, high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C , proteoglycans and double probiotics (Årctalis™ and Seadermium™), make this elixir a powerful antioxidant and repair concentrate, capable of offering a solution to:

The appearance of new signs of aging : fine wrinkles, lack of luminosity, spots...

Loss of collagen and elasticity with the consequent lack of firmness

Skin with an unbalanced pH : very dry or with excess oil

The appearance of more marked expression lines
Loss of thickness and strength in the skin due to a decrease in proteoglycans

Skin conditions such as rosacea, dermatitis, eczema, redness, couperose or telangiectasias.

The marks and signs produced by skin alterations

In addition, it provides long-lasting hydration for 24 hours without leaving the skin greasy, helping to restore the natural balance and control excess sebum without drying the skin.


Youth Intelligent Elixir cares for all skin types, perfect for the most sensitive and reactive.

It is a very suitable cosmetic to treat and stop the first signs of aging and/or to treat skin with rosacea, dermatitis, eczema , irritable or sensitive skin with a tendency to redness such as couperose, telangiectasias, excess oil or extreme dryness.

A true balancing balm so you have healthy, smooth and young skin.


*Its innovative airless packaging allows optimal conservation of the assets for better hygiene and maximum use.

Morning and night , after your cleansing routine, apply the serum following the following steps:

- Shake it lightly and apply 3 or 4 pumps depending on the skin's needs.


Spread it in your hands and apply it in a circular direction to the forehead, temples, cheekbones, chin and neck. If you want, you can continue the route along the neckline and shoulders.


With your fingers, apply light pressure from the center of the face outwards, in the same order as in step 1. In this way we maintain and activate microcirculation, encouraging the activation of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin proteins in our skin.

We recommend you follow the application videos in the product image gallery.

Furthermore, if you are already a Natvral Lavde client, we have exercises, facial yoga and massages at your disposal in the E-Beauty space that will enhance your treatments and help you achieve your beauty goals.

And if you still have doubts...

We offer you completely free personalized advice and help through WhatsApp from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. So that all your doubts are resolved and you obtain the best results.

And don't forget it!

The importance in cosmetics is a studied formulation, with tested highly effective ingredients, a good application technique and most importantly, YOU AND YOUR CONSTANCE.


At Natvral Lavde we choose Hemp Oil or Hemp Oil (instead of CBD) to rule out any THC content , one of the psychoactive substances present in CBD.

Hemp Oil offers us maximum benefits and is also safe for athletes.

The hemp oil contained in Youth Intelligent Elixir is first cold pressed and is extracted directly from the seeds, ensuring that it does not lose any of its properties and is of the highest quality.

As you know, this oil is known for the great anti-inflammatory, decongestant, relaxing and nourishing qualities it has.

We did not want to miss any of its benefits in the formulation of Youth Intelligent Elixir where it acts by reversing skin sensitivity problems, dermatitis, eczema ... calming the skin, restoring balance and health.


Youth Intelligent Elixir is formulated with 100% cruelty-free natural and vegan ingredients, 85% of them of organic origin , subject to the strictest quality controls. Without mineral oils, silicones, PEGs, parabens, free of chemical pesticides and toxic herbicides.

▶ High and low molecular weight vegan hyaluronic acid

It retains up to 1000 times its weight in water, stimulates and activates fibroblasts even in elderly people, providing greater volume and firmness to the skin.

It penetrates to the lower layers and fills expression wrinkles such as marionette or nasolabial lines, rictus or crow's feet.

In combination with Peruvian tara, they are a true anti-aging complex, capable of delaying the biological clock to put a stop to aging.

Hemp Oil or Hemp Oil, the extraordinary anti-inflammatory

Hemp oil has the property of restoring the hydro-lipid balance and sebum production processes, helping to restore both the lack of hydration in the skin and excess oil. With 80% omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids with great decongestant, regenerating and calming properties .

In addition to providing the skin with vitamins from Group A, B and C, essential for healthy and luminous skin.

It becomes a perfect ally when it comes to treating sensitivity and skin alterations , since it is very effective in nourishing it, comforting it and protecting the most external and delicate cellular layer. 

Furthermore, in combination with gotu kola, camellia and licorice extract, its rescue action on the skin is enhanced, activating microcirculation and improving couperose and telangiectasia problems.

▶ Peruvian Tara, Vitamin C The antioxidant with capital letters”

It provides more than 12% of Vitamin C (collagen activator) in the Youth Intelligent Elixir formulation. This vitamin together with vegan hyaluronic acid (HPA, BPM) puts a stop to the passage of time on your skin in addition to repairing and hydrating the skin, giving it an extra touch of luminosity.

▶ Green Algae and Vitamin E, another brake on the biological clock

This vitamin is an extraordinary antioxidant , capable of strengthening cells and making them longer since it blocks free radicals in the membrane. Cells are nourished and filled with energy, preventing premature aging.

In addition, its combination with aloe vera boosts the immune system and the skin's defenses.


Seadermium™ & Årctalis™ hide incredible properties in our Youth Intelligent Elixir, which combines these two highly effective probiotics in its formulation.

Reduces the volume of expression wrinkles and nasolabial folds by up to 47%.
Protects the skin from excessive tissue compression while maintaining its flexibility.

Stimulates collagen I, III and IV , increasing the thickness of the dermis

Strengthens dermo-epidermal cohesion providing up to 51% more firmness

▶ Fuller skin with 150% more hydration 

In addition, they have a high content of proteoglycans that improve the skin's barrier function and its structure, slowing aging.


👉 I really like this elixir, because of the hyaluronic acid and the functions it has, but... can I use it as the only maintenance cosmetic? I'm 38 years old

Yes, this fluid cream is perfect, as it provides you with the hydration and nutrients necessary to prevent signs of aging. In addition, due to its content in Natural Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, it corrects the first signs of expression, gives you firmness and luminosity.

👉 I continually get new red spots on the sides of my nose, as if they were veins. Will this help me improve this problem? or just irritation?

The problem you are talking about is called couperosis or telangiectasias and is usually caused by the fragility of the skin and its capillaries. Youth Intelligent Elixir will improve the strength of your skin and microcirculation to prevent new capillary breaks or those little red spots you see. In addition, its regeneration on the skin will improve the skin you already have.

👉 I see it as a very interesting product, but I have oily skin and it is not clear to me. If it has so much hydration and works for dry skin, how can it also work for oily skin? Won't it cause the opposite effect?

Excess sebum or oil does not mean that the skin is hydrated from the inside, what there is is a pH imbalance, causing both oil and dryness in the skin. With Youth Intelligent Elixir you can balance the amount of lipids (fats) and water in each type of skin: combination, oily or dry, leaving it at its optimal pH.


Its fluid cream texture feels fresh and light on the skin, with a pleasant aroma of nature. It is absorbed quickly, leaving your face with a firm, soft finish and instantly comforting your skin thanks to its deep hydration.


You know, Youth Intelligent Elixir is great for rehydrating your lips, so it's great if you tend to have dry lips. In addition, wrinkles are marked less this way.

Is your skin oily, combination and prone to the appearance of pimples and blackheads?

Use Youth Intelligent Elixir with Urban Pollution Booster , in the Balancing Repair Treatment. Your skin will be protected from all the contaminants that dirty it and generate these problems, in addition to being balanced from within thanks to the elixir and preventing and improving the signs of accelerated aging that these conditions cause.

Balance on the inside and protection on the outside.

Take it easy!


INGREDIENTS: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Glycerin, Ca nna bis Sa ti va Seed Oil (Hemp Oil)*, Aqua, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Hyaluronate, Camelia Sinensis Leaf Extract*, Caesalpinia Spinosa Fruit Extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra(Licorice) Root Extract , Bacillus Ferment*, Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract, Glycine Soja Oil, Propanediol, Centella Asiatica Extract*, Kappaphycus Alvarezii Extract, Benzyl Alcohol, Parfum**, Sodium Hydroxide, Benzoic Acid, Tocopherol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Sorbic Acid, Beta-sistoterol, Squalene , Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Xanthan Gum, Glyceryl Caprylate.

(*) Ingredients of ecological origin/Ingredients of ecological origin (**) Perfume without allergens/Allergen-free fragrance

100% Natural actives / Natural actives

85% Ecological actives


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Estevaíña Llaguno
Muy buen servicio

Llega enseguida, sin esperas y me encanta la caja que viene personalizada y todo.

Famara Font
Me lo recomendó una amiga

A pesar de que no conocía la marca me la recomendó una amiga que sabe de composición y me dijo que esta marca tiene muy buena relación calidad/precio teniendo en cuenta la cantidad de activos y la calidad de los ingredientes que lleva. Yo probé el suyo y me gustó muchísimo así que lo pedí ayer y me ha llegado hoy, vamos a ver que tal.

Comba Quintana
Para empezar a cuidarme

Me encantan los productos con ácido hialurónico, me he cogido este y el contorno. Acabo de cumplir 35 y los productos a priori más baratos no hacen mucho.Mi madre me han hablado maravillas Lo acabo de pedir ya que de esta casa, vamos a ver como funciona.

Candela Duran
Tira un poco

Me gusta pero deja la piel un poco tirante.

Marina Navarro
Genial para empezar a cuidarse

El ácido hialurónico natural actúa mucho mas rápido que el normal desde luego. Las pequeñas arrugas me han mejorado y da un brillito sutil muy bonito y tersa la piel al instante. Muy agradable y recomendable.

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