What is the rippling effect? And how can you fix it?

Cosmetic surgery has consequences that you may not have known about or been told about. Does the word “rippling” sound familiar to you?

Hello, I am Beauty Coach from Natvral Lavde and today we are going to talk about this sequelae that can sometimes appear after breast surgery.

Rippling occurs when the skin does not have the elasticity and strength necessary to adapt to the implant. As a consequence, the appearance of wrinkles, waves or folds is quite common and are visible on the side and bottom.

Thanks to the constant research and development of new ingredients and aesthetic treatments, there are already formulas that manage to increase elasticity, collagen and hydration. Strengthening the skin from the deepest layers, successfully avoiding the appearance of rippling or unexpected stretch marks in order to increase the thickness of the tissues and strengthen the skin.

Isn't it amazing?

What is the rippling effect? And how can you fix it?

Rippling effect after cosmetic breast surgery

In the 21st century, aesthetic operations are very fashionable and especially in recent years their popularity has been increasing . The Instagrammers with the most followers are usually popular for their attractiveness and style and most promote beauty standards that are impossible to achieve naturally. And once achieved, they only show the beautiful side and not the negative side that can sometimes appear, such as:

  • Capsular contracture risk.
  • Allergic reactions to surgical material.
  • Breakage of implants, among others...

But do we know exactly what rippling is?

Rippling is a sequelae after breast augmentation surgery that occurs when the skin does not have the elasticity and strength necessary to adapt to the implant. As a consequence, the appearance of wrinkles, waves or folds is quite frequent and they are visible on the side and bottom, since this is where there is less tissue coverage on the implant and they can even be perceived by touch when palpated.

Many times, its appearance is not immediate after the intervention. It usually becomes visible after a few months or even years, an unexpected moment in which we think that we will no longer suffer physical changes.

Did you think that rippling couldn't be solved without undergoing surgery?

Well yes, there are alternatives that help improve and care for the skin that has been so stretched and turgid after the operation, providing it with comfort. These treatments manage to increase elasticity, collagen and hydration in the deep layers, preventing the appearance of this sequelae, in order to increase the thickness of the tissues. In addition, we will be able to avoid unsightly stretch marks due to breast growth and skin stretching.

How can we avoid it and how to solve it?

Natvral Lavde 's Breast Beauty Treatment consisting of the Push Up Sen cream and the Firming Sen serum have been awarded as best Breast Beauty Treatment in 2020 . This combination will help you increase the thickness of the tissues and “fill in” the sunken part so that your chest is more uniform and you can solve the rippling.

The ingredients it contains are certified and are 100% vegan, natural and subject to the strictest quality controls, in addition to being tested with effective tests on demanding women.

It is one of the few certified treatments that also firms, volumizes, hydrates and rejuvenates the skin of the chest and neckline. The serum and cream fill and lift the breast naturally and progressively, reinforcing its natural support. In addition, it contains highly effective probiotics.

Finding a solution to rippling naturally with the evolution of cosmetics is now a reality. Thanks to Natvral Lavde products, your perseverance and our specialized advice, you will feel comfortable, safe and calm with the look that you like so much.



In addition, we put at your disposal our virtual E-Beauty platform, which will allow you to learn all the massage techniques to enhance the treatment, showing you the results after 7/9 days.

Highlight all the beauty of your chest in a natural and safe way!

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Do you dare to try it? Take care of yourself, pamper yourself and dedicate time to yourself. You will see the results for yourself. Check your change in 21 days.

Enlarging your breasts naturally has never been so easy. Trust the process!

Products mentioned:

Breast Beauty Treatment to increase, fill, lift and firm the breast with anti-stretch mark action.

Push Up Sen Cream to increase, fill and anti-stretch marks.

Firming Sen Serum to firm, lift the chest and anti-stretch marks.

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