What are probiotics? How do they act on the health and rejuvenation of your skin?

Did you know that probiotics come into play to keep the skin microbiota in harmony?
Hello, I am Beauty Coach from Natvral Lavde and today I am going to talk to you about what probiotics are and how they act on the health and rejuvenation of our skin.

Thanks to the advances offered by cosmetic research, we already find companies that constantly research these ingredients that so intensely reinforce the dermis, as they offer us great benefits in the care and anti-aging prevention of our skin.
Today you will learn more about how to get the most out of your skin thanks to probiotics to achieve a young and luminous dermis.

What are probiotics? How do they act on the health and rejuvenation of your skin?

Probiotics and their great benefits

You've probably heard about probiotics , this cutting-edge ingredient and its great benefits in balancing intestinal flora , but...

Did you know that they are also used to care for the skin?

The skin protects our body from the outside, acts as a great protective barrier and has immense value for our health, since it is the largest organ in our body. But the skin is much more than a large layer made up of cells, it is a complex ecosystem in which thousands of microorganisms coexist, most of them very beneficial .

If your good microorganisms are healthy, so will your skin

Because they are essential to combat alterations of the dermis, protecting us from environmental damage, stimulating our immune system and keeping the skin hydrated and radiant .

The concept we use to describe this ecosystem that lives in our skin is the skin microbiota.

Lifestyle, age, diet and especially the cosmetics we use daily are factors that can alter the skin microbiota . Many times we use cosmetics with irritating or strong active ingredients, which are too aggressive and eliminate the natural oils from the dermis, exposing the skin to irritants that cause imbalance. As a consequence, in the short term they cause the skin to lose the moisture in our cells , resulting in dryness and sensitivity.

To keep the skin microbiota in harmony, probiotics come into play.

But how do probiotics benefit our skin?

Probiotics help us ensure that the skin fulfills its protective function against external agents correctly, protecting us from pollutants, solar radiation or free radicals to which we are exposed daily.

Probiotics strengthen the skin's defenses and promote its renewal, helping to maintain optimal levels of hydration to protect it from premature aging and, above all, keep it balanced.

When the skin is altered by any circumstance, its ability to cope with external agents decreases and this gives rise to dehydrated skin that can even become sensitive, with the appearance of redness, eczema or acne , producing a premature aging of skin tissues.

For this reason, there are more and more high-end cosmetic companies that constantly research these ingredients that so intensely strengthen the dermis.

Benefits in the care and anti-aging prevention of our skin

  • They reduce inflammation levels caused by external agents such as solar radiation.
  • They help reinforce the skin barrier.
  • They improve the skin's hydration capacity.
  • They restore the pH of the skin surface.
  • They eliminate cellular damage that free radicals produce.
  • Great food for all skin types.
  • Strengthens cells and prevents aging.

cosmetics with probiotics

Natvral Lavde 's cosmetics are based on the use of probiotics such as PRORENEW COMPLEX CLR™, which in combination with ingredients from all over the world, achieve maximum effectiveness and results. It offers us a wide range of cosmetics and facial and body treatments that, in addition to being ecological, vegan and cruelty-free, take great care of our skin.

Natvral Lavde uses a technology that does not work on the surface of the skin, but deeper, within the skin at a cellular level. Hence its results and visible effectiveness from the first days of its treatments.

If you are a person who is demanding about results and careful with your skin and the planet, Natvral Lavde is your cosmetic brand.




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