Muscle Active - Firmness, muscle definition and skin rejuvenation


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If the muscle does not have density, the skin sags and wrinkles appear.

Unisex body cream that treats both types of sagging: muscle sagging and mixed sagging, ensuring firm skin and well-defined muscles . Its exclusive formulation, together with its probiotic technology, activates collagen, smoothing wrinkles and providing greater density and firmness to the skin and muscle. Your results.

Maximum firming . The body regains its molded and toned contour.

Sagging is reduced by 90% . Treats all types of sagging: severe, medium and mild.

Muscle definition: the muscle gains tone and is defined by 60%. Definition at the highest level.

Rejuvenates and redensifies tissues, leaving the skin well attached to the muscle and eliminating wrinkles.

Restructures the skin and gives it density by stimulating collagen and the skin's natural hyaluronic acid thanks to the action of probiotics.

With deep hydration that strengthens the skin and creates a protective barrier against external agents that cause aging. Hydrated and silky skin 24 hours a day.

Ideal for recovering firmness and muscle tone lost after sudden weight changes, pregnancy or the passage of time. Also to maintain elasticity and avoid sagging during weight loss diets.

Progressive results that you notice in the first week.

You will love it for its ingredients:

Prorenew Complex CLR TM Antiaging nutrition, cell regeneration

Pueraria Mirifica Firmness and muscle definition

Centella asiatica Energizing and firming

Mint Tones and activates circulation

Also to increase, firm and lift the gluteus with our innovative application techniques (exclusive access only for clients).


Yes, including that flaccidity of the arms that "there is no way." And not to mention those thighs that rub together and are so uncomfortable or those knees that you don't like to show.

That's history, now toned arms and legs, firm buttocks and a tablet-like abdomen, without those folds that we don't like so much.

Muscle Active cream will give you the solution to achieve 0 FLACIDITY and defined muscles.

Firms the skin to the maximum: goodbye to the extra folds that prevent you from wearing tight clothes as you would like.

Get (or give you back) more muscle tone. Your silhouette much more defined.

Tones and defines the shape of your abs, arms, legs and buttocks.

Skin rejuvenation . Probiotics and their high nutritional power stimulate cell regeneration, improving skin elasticity and activating collagen and natural hyaluronic acid. An intense firming is achieved that is maintained over time.

Barrier action that provides density to tissues and strengthens them against external aggressions, thanks to its vitamins C, E, K, antioxidants and essential anti-aging amino acids .

▶ Instant deep hydration , which progressively erases those folds in the skin and gives it a silky touch.

Muscle Active is designed to achieve an incredible body lifting effect and muscle definition that will not go unnoticed. Especially if:

  • You have had a great weight loss that has left your skin soft and wrinkled.
  • You have gone through pregnancies or cesarean sections and your abdomen has become wrinkled and flaccid and the skin cannot return to its place.
  • With age your muscles have lost tone , and your skin has lost firmness.
  • You want to mark your muscles well and have superior definition that you cannot achieve with exercise alone. E.g. people who dedicate time to body worship, practice weightlifting or other disciplines.
  • After liposuction, your skin and muscles do not look in good shape and need urgent firming.


Muscle Active is a cream for women and men.

Its studied formulation is designed for flaccid skin without muscle tone that needs extra firming, and the skin of athletes who want to improve muscle volume and tone .

It facilitates the recovery of the figure in the postpartum , improving the sagging of the dermis and muscles to "return to normal" as soon as possible.

It is indicated for skin with extreme, medium and mild sagging and lack of muscle tone, including sensitive and very dry skin, as it deeply hydrates with an extra touch of vitamins and nutrients. Ideal for mature skin as it also acts on the signs of aging and cellular slowdown.


*Its innovative airless packaging allows optimal conservation of the assets for better hygiene and maximum use.

Apply Muscle Active in the morning to the area to be treated, before daily activity, performing a medium intensity massage with long upward strokes . This way we promote its absorption in the deepest layers and its firming action.

Repeat the application if you do sports or aerobic exercise: walking, running... We recommend that you apply it before to promote muscle activation.

You will enhance the results much more if, prior to application, you give yourself a few passes with the Carbonized Bamboo Gloves that reinforce the activation of collagen and prepare the skin to better assimilate the cosmetics.

We recommend you follow the application videos in the product image gallery.

If you have questions, you can contact the beauty advisors via WhatsApp for a personalized consultation at no cost in which they will be able to guide you in more detail.

Furthermore, if you are already a Natvral Lavde client, we have at your disposal on the E-Beauty platform very easy videos and guides with exercises and massages that will enhance your treatments and help you achieve your beauty goals.

And don't forget it!

The importance in cosmetics is a studied formulation, with tested highly effective ingredients, a good application technique and most importantly, YOU AND YOUR CONSTANCE.


Muscle Active is formulated with 100% Cruelty Free natural and vegan ingredients, with 47% of them of organic origin , subject to the strictest quality controls. Without mineral oils, silicones, PEGs, parabens, free of chemical pesticides and toxic herbicides.

Pueraria mirifica, to talk about FIRMNESS in capital letters

Kwao Krua is the mysterious plant with which Thai women have taken care of their skin for generations (and which they guard very jealously). For us, Pueraria mirifica.

You will want it for its great muscle toning and skin firming effect that you will feel in a few minutes because it deepens and acts from within, from the roots. With Pueraria Mirifica you put flaccidity at bay.

Centella asiatica and ginseng activate your muscles and skin.

With these exotic ingredients you give your body a boost of vitality , that spark of energy that activates the muscle fibers and links of the skin to achieve firmness from the inside.

Mint, mango and sage, high level toning.

Powerful muscle activators that give definition to your silhouette as if you were doing an exercise session at the gym. By activating circulation, they bring your collagen, elastin and natural hyaluronic acid to the surface, achieving a natural filling that smoothes wrinkles and folds.

Pueraria and mango you will notice how muscle volume increases, you will shape your body with a new definition of your abdomen, arms, legs and buttocks. The skin gains density and sagging disappears.

Sweet almond oils and shea butter, to hydrate and protect the skin

Good hydration and nutrition is essential to keep skin elastic and resistant . The active antioxidants and collagen stimulants rejuvenate and tone, improve stretch marks and wrinkles and combat sagging .

You will see how soft, nourished and rejuvenated your skin is.


The probiotics in our cosmetics are always a guarantee of effectiveness. Prorenew Complex CLR TM present in Muscle Active achieves wonderful benefits on your skin, acting specifically, directly and quickly in its ability to renew and strengthen itself.

More density and firmness , the tension mesh action is enhanced because you form more collagen and elastin

Intense nutrition that activates 100% muscle fibers and skin links.

Accelerates results because epidermal growth is more effective.

You strengthen epidermal cells and prevent their degeneration to maintain youthful skin.


👉 Can I use this cream together with anti-cellulite?

Yes, it can be used, but our recommendation and the most advisable thing is that you first treat cellulite and then sagging , since they are opposite conditions.

When treating cellulite, fat dissolves, and if you use a firming cream at this time, what you achieve is to harden the tissues and thus the anti-cellulite treatment is not favored. Both actions lose their effectiveness.

And in the case of anti-cellulite-firming creams, what is achieved is to “mask” the cellulite without actually eliminating it and taking a long time to notice the firming result.

👉 If I don't do sports, is this cream effective?

Of course, the simple act of your daily activity (going to work, shopping...) is enough for Muscle Active to do its job. But if you also use sport, the definition results will logically be noticed faster.

👉 How is Oil Active different from Muscle Active?

Oil Active is more specialized in sagging skin, stretch marks and providing elasticity to the skin to adapt to changes, plus it is an oil texture. Muscle active works more on extreme flaccidity and muscle definition for those who like to show off their muscles more. And as you already know, its texture is creamy and very hydrating.


Its creamy texture deeply hydrates and comforts your skin.

Muscle Active absorbs quickly, leaving your skin silky, uniform and smooth. Small wrinkles disappear instantly.

Its fresh aroma is a pleasure for the senses.


If in your case, what you are looking for is maximum definition, both in terms of skin firming and muscle toning, the key to success will be the Total Definition Treatment that combines Muscle Active with Oil Active to show off a sculpted body.


Aqua (Purified Water), Glycerin, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil( Sweet Almond Oil), Cetearyl Alcohol, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter*( Shea Butter), Glyceryl Stearate, Cetearyl Glucoside, Pueraria Mirifica Root Extract, Mangifera Indica Fruit Extract *(Mango Fruit Extract), Centella Asiatica Extract*, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Lactococcus Ferment Lysate (Probiotic), Asparagopsis Armata Extract (Marine red algae species), Mentha Piperita Oil, Salvia Officinalis Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Sodium Phytate (Chellating vegetable agent), Xanthan Gum, Dehydroacetic Acid( Ecocert Preservative), Benzyl Alcohol (Preservative), Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Limonene**, Linalool**

(*) Ingredients from organic farming.
(**) Natural component present in essential oils.
No synthetic fragrances, dyes, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, sulfates, propylene, glycol, phthalates, GMOs, polyethylene glycol, triethanolamine, diethanolamine, methylisothiazolinone, formaldehyde, urea, mercury, lead or bee venom.
Not tested on animals. Cruelty Free 100%.
The product may vary in color due to containing natural active ingredients, once opened.


Zero Sagging Zero

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Gema García Carrión
Muscle active

Deja la piel suave y firme, buenos resultados. Repetiré. Muchas gracias

Me gusta mucha

Siempre me ha gustado el abdomen un poquito más marcado, que se note el abdominal y solo con ejercicio no lo conseguía. Con esta crema si se llega a marcar, y además tengo la piel mucho más tersa y suave en la zona

Lucas Silva
La descubrí de rebote

Una amiga que la usaba me lo comentó de pasada y entré a informarme y vi que también es para hombres. La uso desde hace un tiempo, y la seguiré usando porque se nota hasta cuando no piso el gym que hay una definición y da volumen al músculo. Me la pongo sobre todo para el abdomen y pectorales y la diferencia merece la pena.

Ana José Diaz
¡Me encanta esta crema!

Es super hidratante y huele genial. Cuando empiezas en serio a usarla se nota la figura más definida y los músculos.
La usamos tanto yo como mi marido, aunque él no lo diga jejeje.

Claudia Fuentes
Huele muy bien

Esta crema huele muy bien y es muy ligera, es pronto para decir algo pero noto el cambio en mi piel, comencé a usarla hace una semana.

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