3 mistakes that age facial skin and that you could be making

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Surely more than one of you, on a daily basis, have wondered what little things or tricks can be done to slow down aging on the face. And, without a doubt, the face is one of the parts where the passage of time is most noticeable, along with the neck and décolleté, since, normally, they tend to be more exposed to the sun and free radicals in the environment.
If this worries you, your daily routine will not lack your cosmetics, of course, but there are mistakes that you may be making that, in no way, help your facial rejuvenation.
And for that reason, I'll tell you the 3 most important ones. Take note!

3 mistakes that age facial skin and that you could be making

3 MISTAKES THAT AGE your facial skin and that you could be making


These foods have a high content of sugars, salt, saturated fats and sodium, and a low content of protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins necessary for our body and our skin. Some examples are:

  • Soft drinks and juices
  • Cereals, cookies and industrial pastries
  • Some packaged meats: hamburgers, sausages, nuggets...

*It should be noted that not all of these foods are harmful, it will also depend on which ones we choose, since there are various more or less healthy options.

But why can these foods age our skin?

When we get used to eating this type of food, we tend to lose sight of other fresh products with a base rich in water and vitamins that are very necessary for the skin. We generally eat foods with much more salt and less water, which produces a certain dehydration in our body and, consequently, in our cells and skin. All this can affect us in:

  • Appearance of double chin and eye bags as more fluids and fat accumulate.
  • Dark circles under the eyes due to poor blood circulation.
  • Redness or bumps caused by slow microcirculation
  • Lack of luminosity, dryness due to lack of hydration, vitamins and essential amino acids.

Yes, friends, all of this can cause bad eating habits. We know that many of these foods are delicious, but if facial aging worries you, say bye-bye to more than one of them, or eat them as something sporadic, but not routine.


Does poor facial hygiene age you? emphatically YES.

The presence of free radicals and pollution in the skin destroy its structural components (such as collagen and elastin), dry it out and age it rapidly.

It's not that you have to be obsessed with cleanliness, far from it, but it is necessary to wash our face well (Be careful with washing with soaps or gels that are not specific for the face!) every morning and every night with a good facial cleanser , which does not dry out or irritate our skin.


Do you know how many times we touch our faces during the day? And how many things did we touch with our hands before? many more than we realize.

This causes dirt to accumulate, and if we add free radicals from the environment, especially in the city (pollution, heavy metals), a good facial cleansing becomes essential. And if you have a good anti-pollution cosmetic, even better.

And… ah! I forgot! It is always super necessary, especially for all of us who wear makeup often, to never forget to remove all the makeup well before going to bed. We already know that waterproof makeup sometimes resists us, but keep reading and I will give you a tip to remove it easily without having to rub and damage our skin every time we remove it.


If you have come this far it is because your facial care really interests you, and if you can do something to improve the appearance of your skin all the better.

Well, I'm sure I've already talked to you about the importance of using good, natural cosmetics, without chemicals or microplastics, and cruelty-free. But most importantly, with a high concentration of active ingredients whose effectiveness has been previously tested on different skin types and ages .

In addition, the way we apply the cosmetic also has a lot to do with the results we obtain. If we do not apply the recommended amount or do it incorrectly, we may not be able to achieve the facial rejuvenation we want. That's why it's much better if you have a good guide on hand or some kind of advice about the cosmetics you're using.

As a Beauty Coach you know that I always look for the best solution for you when it comes to taking care of yourself, so I am going to give you my…


  1. Open your refrigerator and throw away everything that is not good for you, come on, you can do it! If you don't have it in sight it's sure to be much easier. Let's start taking care of our diet and drinking the necessary water.
  2. Make it easy, if your facial cleansing becomes complicated you may skip more than a day . My advice: Botanical Foam Cleanser , whose micelles act in a few seconds and remove dirt from your face, eyes and lips (in a single product), without any effort, even waterproof makeup! In addition, it is wonderful to be using a cosmetic cleanser that rejuvenates the skin, since it has probiotic active ingredients and a fruity mixture rich in vitamins for your skin that nourish and hydrate it without feeling tight.

And to prevent pollution from destroying your collagen and aging your skin , a few touches of Urban Pollution Booster and its anti-pollution and anti-aging veil will keep all the toxins far away.

  1. Use effective and honest cosmetics that offer you support and advice. At Natvral Lavde they know a lot about this, since they use a high concentration of highly effective active ingredients, such as probiotics, present in all their cosmetics. Furthermore, just by being a client, you have access to an exclusive platform where you will have very simple and effective guides so as not to fail in the application of your cosmetics. And if you have questions, you can always ask their free advice on WhatsApp.

Have you also made some of the mistakes I'm talking about? If the answer is yes, you know, it's time to get to work 😀


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