Oily and sensitive skin Who gives more?

It is possible that in some seasons of your life your skin feels tight or dry and at the same time you have the unsightly acne breakouts that we fight so hard to make disappear.

Hello, I'm Beauty Coach from Natvral Lavde and today you are going to learn how to treat oily and sensitive skin at the same time.

Become a true Beauty Expert with all our tips, where the results will speak for themselves and you will see on your face that it is possible.

Can you imagine having the skin you want, achieving results on your own and naturally?

Oily and sensitive skin Who gives more?

Oily and sensitive skin, who gives more?

Hello girls! How are you? How is your day going? The truth is that mine is quite busy, as always, but it's better this way, I don't have time to get bored 😜

The truth is that I love today's article, since we normally categorize our skin as oily or sensitive but...

Is it possible to suffer from both and at the same time?

Well the answer is YES, is this your case? 🤔

It is possible that in some seasons of life your skin feels tight or dry and at the same time you have the unsightly acne breakouts that we fight so hard to make disappear.

And I know a lot about it, I tell you because a couple of times I have suffered from this situation due to stress, unbalanced diet, etc. But it has a solution if you do your part 🤭

In my case, I used to observe frequent peeling on my face and redness, pimples and more blackheads than usual used to appear in the cheek and chin area. I am aware that having pimples and dry skin at the same time, it can be a headache for you to find the care and cosmetics that best suit you.

Do you want to know how to provide a solution to achieve a balanced face (without dry and oily skin at the same time)?

First, you will understand why this happens:

  1. Times of stress or an emotional change that upsets our hormones.
  2. Drink little water.
  3. Abuse exciting foods: chocolate, tea, coffee, etc.
  4. Unconsciously touching your face with dirty hands.
  5. Incorrect facial hygiene.
  6. Use of makeup that is too greasy and occlusive.

Second, the reasons why these two states coexist in the skin are due to:

  • A combination of inappropriate cosmetics that have imbalanced our pH, altering our dermis.
  • After seasons of constant acne, it is possible that the barrier function of our skin is more weakened due to the excessive use of drying cosmetics that have excessively dried out our epidermis.
  • Intolerance to renewing active ingredients such as retinoic or glycolic acid, which are generally used to treat oily skin, but excessively dry out our driest areas.
  • Exposing ourselves to extreme hot or cold temperatures for a long time.

Your skin is constantly changing and it is time to readjust your routines.

And as always, the key is finding balance. A good routine to control and stabilize this type of skin will need very hydrating, corrective and soothing active ingredients. All this without forgetting the essential facial cleansing routine, the use of ingredients that control sebum production and also stabilize peeling.


Not all cleansers are suitable for oily and sensitive skin. For this reason, we need a product that is effective against impurities and makeup, but at the same time gentle and gentle on the skin . It is super important to use a gentle facial cleanser that does not alter our pH, avoiding micellar water, tonics or wipes, since they do not deeply remove dirt or makeup and only eliminate traces of dirt from the most superficial layer of the skin. epidermis.

Every morning and night, to perform good hygiene before starting our care, you will apply Botanical Foam Cleanser , a multiple-action foam facial cleanser, which offers cleansing, hydration and balance as your skin needs. When the soft foam is removed, the skin is left hydrated and very soft, full of freshness, elasticity and luminosity, treating pore obstruction and making it look dilated.


Exfoliation is especially beneficial, since with it we help the skin to regenerate more easily, avoiding an irregular texture and blackheads.

Exfoliant Bamboo is essential, since it offers you exfoliation on several levels:

  1. Physical exfoliation that gently removes impurities and deeper dirt.
  2. Antiaging enzymatic exfoliation that helps regenerate cells and give way to new ones for rejuvenated and luminous skin, achieving uniform skin.

Its delicate formulation with bamboo enzymes, bioorganic oils and probiotic active ingredients balance and soften the skin, even in the most sensitive and reactive skin. Ideally do it once a week.


This is the last step to strengthen oily and sensitive skin. It is essential to opt for formulas that are light enough for oily skin, without drying or overly mattifying the skin, and that at the same time have soothing qualities to provide instant comfort, eliminating any sensation of tightness, redness or itching.

With Natvral Lavde Balancing-Repairing Treatment , calm returns to your skin and restores quality and youth, because balanced skin is healthy skin that remains younger over time.

Youth Intelligent Elixir and Urban Pollution Booster combine three balancing probiotics, as well as Natural Hyaluronic Acid in a treatment where repair, balance and anti-aging protection go hand in hand.

▶ Hydration at its optimal point

▶ Regulated sebum, for skin without excess shine or pimples

▶ Comforted skin with 92% less irritability and itching

▶ Redness calms down and the skin regains a healthy color with a touch of light

▶ Expression lines are softened and filled with Vegan Hyaluronic Acid

▶ The appearance of signs of age and the damage of photoaging is prevented with its antiaging barrier

▶ The face feels firmer, regenerated and without marks or imperfections

And this is not all, the skin is protected for 24 hours against blue light and environmental aggressors (pollution, tobacco, etc.) helping the pore not to become clogged.

Do you still have any questions?

Natvral Lavde offers you the solution with a range of cosmetics that are 100% toxic-free, suitable for vegans and celiacs, tested to be highly effective and also have the star ingredient, probiotics. Where hydration and the antiaging factor go hand in hand.

Your skin will no longer suffer the effects of bad routines, make the most of it and discover how fabulous you can make it look 🥰


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Botanical Foam Cleanser

Bamboo Exfoliant

Youth Intelligent Elixir

Urban Pollution Booster

Balancing-Repairing Treatment

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