If you are here, it is probably because you have crossed or are about to cross the 40-year barrier and you would like to know and learn what type of routine best suits this new stage of your life to improve the condition of your skin. and prevent possible imperfections or complications.
In skin care, every step and action counts.
Hello, I'm Beauty Coach from Natvral Lavde and today we are going to discover the best anti-aging routine after 40.

At Natvral Lavde we like to make it easy for you and we want to be part of your entire process.

Would you like to know how to get the most out of your skin?


The best anti-aging routine after 40

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If you are here, it is probably because you have crossed or are about to cross the 40-year barrier and you would like to know and learn what type of routine best suits this new stage of your life to improve the condition of your skin. and prevent possible imperfections or complications.

We are completely fans of those who say that 40 is the new 30 and that women at this age are in a perfect moment to continue enjoying life to the fullest. However, there are external factors that can play tricks on us and take their toll on our skin: pollution, stress and, among other things, hormones. Therefore, you must always remain alert and not neglect it.

Do you pay enough attention to your skin?

In the same way that our lifestyle changes over the years, we should make small changes to modify our daily facial routine to get the most out of it. So, if you have been using the same products to care for your skin and you feel stagnant, the time has come to give your facial routine a 180ºC turn. We must readjust the cosmetics we use and understand what the priorities and needs that our face asks of us are.

From my point of view, I think that it is not age that reveals the state of our skin, but rather how we have taken care of it throughout our lives. But what is true is that after 40 the signs associated with aging become more noticeable and the first wrinkles, sagging, spots, loss of luminosity and imperfections such as enlarged pores or an irregular texture appear.

An anti-aging facial routine for mature skin consists mainly of taking care of our skin with more care and care than before, using more precise formulas to avoid dry skin, in addition to incorporating key active ingredients for sagging and expression lines. dynamic to stay on our skin, being static.

Mainly, our objective will be to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin, with which we have to maintain the health and quality of the fibroblasts that are responsible for keeping the skin smooth, smooth and luminous. In skin care, every step and action counts.

If you are already over 40 and were not aware of the care your skin needs, don't worry, better late than never.

Are you ready to start the change?

Follow the steps that I am going to tell you one by one!

Step 1. Morning and night facial cleansing. INDISPENSABLE.

When sanitizing our skin, the last thing we want to do is eliminate the natural oils it produces, as they help it stay soft and nourished. Therefore, it is super important to use a gentle facial cleanser that does not alter our pH, avoiding micellar water, tonics or wipes, since they do not deeply remove dirt or makeup, they only eliminate traces of dirt from the deepest layer. surface of the epidermis.

Every morning and night, to perform good hygiene before starting our care, you will apply Botanical Foam Cleanser , a multiple-action foam facial cleanser that offers cleansing, hydration and balance as your skin needs. When you remove the soft foam, the skin is left perfect and very soft, full of freshness, elasticity and luminosity, preventing the pore from clogging and looking dilated.

Step 2. Exfoliation.

Exfoliating twice a week is especially beneficial, since over the years the speed at which skin cells are renewed becomes slower and with exfoliation we help the skin to regenerate more easily, avoiding an irregular texture and black spots.

Exfoliant Bamboo is a unique cosmetic that offers you exfoliation at various levels.

  1. Physical exfoliation that removes impurities and deeper dirt.
  2. Antiaging enzymatic exfoliation that helps regenerate cells and make way for new ones for rejuvenated and luminous skin.

Cleaning, activating collagen, avoiding stains and dehydration. You will apply it with a gentle massage where its soft particles will deeply clean the pores, achieving uniformity. Its formulation with bamboo enzymes, bioorganic oils and probiotic active ingredients balance and soften the skin, even in the most sensitive and reactive skin.

Step 3. Sun protection.

If you want your skin to reflect your age, you should wear sun protection every day of the year, even if it is not sunny, since ultraviolet radiation is always present, even if it is cloudy. When the dreaded spots appear, using SPF or cosmetics that offer protection against UV/UVA. I leave you a couple of examples:



Step 4. Treatments.

Once we reach 40, we must pay special attention to the renewal of the skin to reset it so that small pigmentations and wrinkles do not worsen and for this renewing active ingredients such as PRORENEW COMPLEX CLR TM are specialists in this.

And now we are going to fully personalize which treatment is yours!

For normal and dry skin, The Essence and Anti-Gravity form an amazing Antiaging Firming treatment. And you will see that I fall short.

This combination is a real boost of luminosity and firmness that defines the facial oval. Its formula with superfoods, anti-aging vitamins (A, B1, B3, C, E and K) and probiotics nourish the skin from within, exerting a powerful firming action that increases collagen and elastin production up to 10 times. Thus, the skin becomes firm, intensely nourished and hydrated and with maximum luminosity. Stopping the first signs of facial sagging.

On the other hand, for skin with enlarged pores that already begins to have marked nasolabial wrinkles (the small wrinkles that appear at the beginning of the nose that reach both sides of the mouth) or notice that their chin begins to be double, Urban Pollution Booster and Anti-Gravity .

Where Urban Pollution Booster will control excess oil, closing the enlarged pore, in addition to providing extra proteoglycans and antioxidants, which improve the structure and elasticity of the skin, becoming a fantastic preventive-anti-aging.

Instead, Anti-Gravity will complement us by reinforcing the tension mesh to activate our natural lifting day by day for firmed skin and defined features.

Step 5. Complete your routine by performing facial yoga.

I invite you to invest a few minutes to massage your skin every day and observe the change. Use your fingertips to improve blood circulation and make the treatment more effective, as it increases the oxygen that reaches the cells.

In our E-Beauty space we work down to the smallest detail to offer maximum results, where you can find step by step the treatment you have chosen with the specific movements to activate the skin and muscles and above all, you will make it long-lasting in the future. time for its effectiveness to be 100%.

In addition to these tricks and care, don't forget that our lifestyle and genetics also have a significant influence. Remember the importance of drinking water so that you maintain optimal hydration internally.

And that's it for today's article girls, I hope you liked it and above all that it helped you learn to take care of yourself in a more professional way🤗 See you in the next one! 🤩


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